According to article 4 of its Organization, The Foundation is administered by a 9-member Board of Directors with a 5 -year tenure. The election of the Board takes place the first quarter of December from an electorate made up of: 1) the 9 outgoing members of the Board, 2) the 10 Board members of the Kytherian Brotherhood of Piraeus-Athens, and 3) the 11 members Board members of the Kytherian Association of Athens. As article 5 of the Organization determines, eligible for election are “reputable Kytherians who they or at least one of their parents was born in Kythera and they are permanent residents in the region of the Athens -Wide area”.

The current members of the Board of Directors with tenure 1.1.2016- 31.12.2020 are:
Emmanuel G. Kalokairinos, Chairman
Gabriel N. Nikiforakis, Vice-Chairman
Nicholas P. Glytsos, Secretary General
Emmanuel P. Kalligeros, Treasurer
Emmanuel G. Defterevos, Member
Vassiliki A. Floropoulou-Samiou, Member
Peter G. Kassimatis, Member
Helen Ch. Stathis, Member
John E. Zervos, Member